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Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

Ugh, I don't know how much longer I can stand the emotional turmoil! I think this one is the worst! But of course, the book is still magnificent, even though Gena Showalter had my heart in a vice grip until the last page. From the beginning, there is nothing but action, which was a nice change of pace from the last one; way less couple drama. Seriously, y'all need to read this series. You'll thank me later.

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What a Tangled Web We Weave

So, it's a month after the events of Zombie Glass and everything has returned to normal. Ali is finishing up a night of protecting the town and decides to sneak over to Cole's because they have had absolutely zero alone time together. While things are getting hot and heavy, they hear gunfire right outside of Cole's house. Cole is shot in the chest, but the gunfire continues as Ali, Cole, and Mr. Holand try to make it to safety. Anima has attacked the homes of all of the slayers, leaving 3 dead, 2 MIA, and several others injured. The news is saying that the attacks were the result of gang violence between Cole Holland and River Marks, another slayer group that doesn't work for Anima, but also doesn't play by the same rules as Cole's slayers.

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With Cole out of commission due to injuries, Ali goes on a mission to find as many other slayers as possible. Slowly but surely, the team is slowly found, most alive, but some dead. As they all try to gather their bearings through recovery, Ali learns that she can use her fire to heal the slayers more quickly. While they were hesitant at first, they soon accept it, not just to heal cuts and bruises, but to heal zombie bites as well. Ali and Cole meet up River and his team to discuss a potential camaraderie to attack Anima, who has badly damaged each group. The partnership is essential, however Milla, River's sister, seems to hate Ali for no reason.

But the part that is most troubling is that a witness named Helen keeps appearing to Ali and feeding her information about Anima and about Ali's gifts, and when Cole learns of this, he forbids Ali to speak to her again, and other slayers seem to agree with Cole. What Ali ends up discovering is not only going to change the future, but it will alter the past in a way no one can predict; however, these secrets help Ali take down Anima once and for all, as long as there isn't a traitor in their midst.

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When Everyone Deceives

  • An alternative title for this book could have also been "Ali, Everyone Has Lied to You Your Entire Life but You'll Just Have to Deal with It," but that is a little long. So pretty much, Ali's mom isn't her mom; her parents knew a lot more about the slayer world than they ever let on; and when the new girl doesn't like you for no reason, it's okay to assume somethings up because she's probably just trying to use you as bait and hand you over to the bad guys to save her brother. Lots of lying, few good reason too. 
    • I kinda assumed early on the Helen was something more to Ali; you know, context clues, pale blonde hair and striking blue eyes that match yours exactly is kind of a giveaway that there's definitely more of a connection.
"There! A fall of wheat-colored hair surrounded a pale face. For a second, only a second, light blue eyes met mine, before the woman-somehow familiar, though I was certain I'd never met her-turned away from me and disappeared into the foliage." (p. 109)
    • I didn't know that Milla was going to betray the group, but I never liked her, and I hadn't spent multiple books falling in love with a character, so it was all good when River banned her from the group and his life. 
  • Spoiler: Kat dies and it's not because of her kidney's and your heart is going to break millions of times for Frosty. Making it all worse is the fact that she didn't have to die; Anima was coming for Ali and yet they bombed the whole house and then gunned everyone down. Have a few tissues handy.
"But I was too late. The bullets too fast.
"One embedded in Frosty's thigh-the other in Kat's shoulder.
"He fell, twisting midway to take the brunt of impact. Kat rolled from his arm. She stopped several yards away from me. He stood, desperate to reach her, but he took a bullet to the chest and flew backwards.
"On my hands and knees, I scrambled to my best friend. Her eyes were closed. Dirt smeared her cheeks. 'Come on. Come on! Mad Dog, you have to listen to me.' I tore off my shirt, didn't care that I was left in my bra, and wrapped her bleeding shoulder. I trembled as I felt for a pulse.
"The injured Frosty batted his hands away and crawled to Kat. My Kat, who still stared at nothing. He gently lifted her into his arms and settled her on his lap.
"He croaked, 'Kitten. Talk to me.' He kissed her forehead, his tears dripping onto her face. If this had been a fairy tale, she would have healed then and there, true love awakening her. But it wasn't, and she didn't." (pp. 385-386)

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  • The action starts pretty much right away and thank goodness! After all the Ali/Cole drama from the last book, I needed some action to get out all of my pent up aggression. And Gena Showalter does not disappoint!
  • Cole and Ali finally have sex! The sexual tension has literally been there since they first laid eyes on each other. It was decent. Ali seemed pleased. 
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So I've decided: I want to be a slayer. I've always loved Hogwarts, but pushing my spirit out of my body and conjuring fire and being able to wipe people's memories without worrying that I got the spell wrong is pretty awesome! I mean, I would take either, but if given the choice, slayer.

A lot happens in the book and at points, it felt like there were too many things going on, but overall, I really enjoyed the book; not as much as the first, but more than the second. I'm still really glad I discovered this series and I'm mentally scolding myself for the millions of times I picked it up at a store and decided against it.

Rating: 9/10
Genres: Young Adult, Zombies, Paranormal, Fantasy, Retellings


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