A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter

I'm not gonna lie, I was disappointed when I learned that the book was told from Frosty and Milla's point of view. It really got my hopes up since the letter in the beginning was from Ali. But I knew that Frosty was going to be a depressed asshole, and despite Milla's betrayal, she didn't play a big enough role for me to care what was going on with her. So kudos to Gena Showalter for making me fall in love with characters I couldn't care less about! A Mad Zombie Party definitely holds its own with the other books and it was a wonderful finish, although there is totally an opening for another book and if Gena wants to continue the series, I back her 100%!

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More Than One Exit Door

It's been a little bit since Kat's tragic death and Frosty isn't handling it well. He spends his evenings drinking and then seducing the girl who looks the most like Kat, and bails when the deed is done. Milla has spent the time hunting zombies on her own because that's all she knows how to do, and she hopes that she can somehow make her way back into River's good graces. But their paths are forced to align when Kat, now a witness, tells Frosty that if he helps his friends in the race to cure zombies and keep Milla with him at all times, she will visit him one hour a day. This is no easy feat, as Frosty considers Milla Kat's killer.

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However, over the weeks, the two form a routine that becomes natural, even though it's not the most talkative of relationships. Kat visits Frosty every day and encourages him to find someone new; Milla is perfectly fine with the strained relationship because she hopes that she will be able to begin to atone for her misgivings; and Frosty begins to find himself wanting Kat less and Milla more.

"I nod a greeting at Kat, like I do with all my friends, and for once, there's no desire to do more. No desire to close the distance and draw her into my arms. No desire to hug and kiss her or whisper inappropriate things in her ear." (p. 267)

"I drop the clothes as my gaze slides down...down, my mind willing the curtain to fall. I want to see more of her. Want to see all of her." (p. 271)

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Through a series of events, including nightmares, visions, and Anima attacks, the two learn each others deep dark secrets, and begin to soften towards the other, leading to a sexual tension that makes Ali and Cole's sexual tension pale in comparison. But nothing is ever easy in Zombieland. Kat and Ali are clearly hiding something from Frosty and Milla, and when they learn that Rebecca Smith, the lead woman of Anima, has her memories back and is gunning for the slayers again.

Off With Their Heads!
  • I love that we learn more about witnesses and what happens after we die. A witness can date, get married, have a life, check in on loved ones, and when they're ready, they can pass to the great beyond. Their pain and suffering has been removed. But they're called witnesses for a reason. The go to trial, they petition the court, all that legal stuff. I still wish I knew more about it, but you learn a great deal about it in Zombie Party and that is something I've wanted since Emma told Ali she was a witness in Zombieland
  • Frosty is going to break your heart. He misses Kat and he is not coping well with her death.
"After a few shots of whiskey, I'm able to pretend the firl I'm with is my sweet little Kitty Kat, and I'm touching her again and she's loving it, begging me for more, and everything will be okay, because we'll be together forever...The morning will actually arrive, and I'll realize she won't be doing any of those things because she's dead, and I'm the puss who couldn't save her. A fact that still haunts me. But I deserve to be haunted. I deserve to be punished." (p. 18)
  • Milla's back story is also going to break your heart. Get ready for the most heart wrenching childhood story since Oliver Twist.
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  • Frosty and Milla trying to pretend they don't care about each other is adorable. Everyone can see the chemistry, even Kat, but they pretend to be blind to it because there is no way the other one has the same feelings.
  • I feel like everyone was kinda an idiot for letting Rebecca go at the end of Zombie Hearts. Ali got her memory back, what would stop her from getting her memories back. And her father was the original man in control of Anima, so she's going to have people and she's going to have resources. They were being naive, no matter what they say about killing her last time would have been just as bad as Anima.
"Rebecca Smith. A woman I hate with every fiber of my being. The former leader of Anima, and a bitch of the highest order.
Four months ago, we had her in our possession. Had I made the call, she would have left us in a body bag...
She's the one who orchestrated Kat's death.
Ali used her slayer ability to conceal Ms. Smith's memory, essentially making the woman's mind a blank slate...Someone much have helped Ms. Smith. And she mush have hidden some resources we know nothing about." (p. 266)
  • It was nice seeing Ali and Cole from another point of view.
  • Everything is tied up in a nice, pretty bow in the end! Kind of.
"Anyway. I"ll get to spend real time with River soon enough. I'll get to spend time with all the slayers. You know they won't live forever, right? You heard what Frosty once said: death is hereditary. An-e-way. I know my friends will be surprised to find out what, exactly, happens up here. Like, we seriously have our own war going on. I've had to learn to fight, and yeah, you guessed it, I'm pretty amazing at it. Probably the best ever. If probably is the new word for definitely. When you got it, you got it. Now use denying it. An-n-nd speak of the war, I'm being summoned for a court appearance. Time for another battle (for me to win)! (p. 424)

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I was really happy with this book, despite originally not wanting to hear about Frosty and Milla. After finishing it, I don't think I would have wanted another book from Ali's POV; it was time for a change.

I know there is a digital novella that tells the 4 books from Kat's POV, however, I want new story, not a repeat, and I think the ending definitely set up more books if Showalter wanted, and I would read them the second they became available to me.

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Overall, the White Rabbit Chronicles was a brilliant series, and with its variety of genres, it's great for people who like the supernatural, retellings, zombies, and a little bit of romance.

Rating: 9/10
Genres: Young Adult, Zombie, Retelling, Supernatural, Fantasy

Oh, and if you noticed the Matthew Gray Gubler theme, bonus points for you. The first two were just happenstance, but by the 4th one, I decided to just lean into it.

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