Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

I always have mixed feelings about Chamber of Secrets and I'm never certain why. I mean, it's good, a lot of stuff happens, but for me, it's always just kinda there. Like, you need it to advance to the next book, but that's about it.

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That being said, it's still an awesome book and this is why:

  • Gilderoy Lockhart is a hoot! I think he could give Greek god Narcissus a run for his money in the vanity department. I mean, everything he says is so ridiculous, it's hard to think that people fell for all of his lies. The only thing better than a vain Gilderoy Lockhart is a Gilderoy Lockhart whose Obliviate curse just back fired on him and no longer knows his left hand from his right. 
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  • The Death Day Party. If I was a ghost, I would definitely celebrate my death day! I love that they purposely rot food in hopes of being able to taste it. But Nearly Headless Nick needs to learn he is much too good for the Headless Hunt. I feel bad that they take away his glory at that party, and that he is continuously rejected to join; he's a very sweet ghost. I've always wondered, though, if it were somehow possible to completely behead Nick so that he could join. I mean, if you're going to spend the rest of your life dead, I'm sure you'd want something more to do.
  • I love that Percy has a secret relationship with Penelope Clearwater. I remember the first time I read it and didn't see that coming; I really thought he had something to do with the Chamber. But now, it's so obvious, it's cute. I mean, he turns into a total ass in Order of the Phoenix, but it's nice to see that even dorky Percy has a soft side.
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  • Ginny is adorable! I love her crush on Harry. And I love that in book 6, Harry is finally crushing on her while she's off breaking hearts. Ginny develops a stronger sense of self throughout the series, but I love it when she's so innocent; really, when all of them are so innocent. You know, before Voldemort becomes a more prominent figure in everyone lives and everyone has to worry about dying and whatnot. I mean, when you look back, getting into the Chamber and destroying the Basilisk is pretty easy compared to all of their other trials. Wow, that really went off topic. But yeah, Ginny is such a sweetie.
  • Mr. Weasley getting into a little scuff with Lucius Malfoy: priceless! 
  • The introduction of Dobby! This is probably the best part! Anyone who doesn't love Dobby doesn't have a soul because he is so freakum adorable! I love him so much, I pretend he doesn't actually die in book 7 because that would just kill me and I can't handle that. 
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  • Tom preserving himself in the journal and how all of that unfolds is genius! And what I find the most fascinating is that if Mr. Weasley hadn't let Ginny go back and get the diary, that could have changed everything! I mean, he really got lucky that it fell into the hands of someone so close to Harry, and then ended up being in Harry's possession. That is pure luck!
I could definitely do without the spiders; the thought of all of those spiders gives me the ebby jebbies. I definitely agree that it should have been "follow the butterflies."

Chamber of Secrets definitely helps set up the next books, especially Half-Blood Prince, when you learn about the horcruxes. And, it's the book before my most favorite book of all time-Prisoner of Azkaban!


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