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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

This isn't my usual set up, but I am so behind on everything in my life and I am playing catch up! First I had to get through my book slump. Then when I finally found books that I like, I got sick and I had to beat flu, strep, and pneumonia/bronchitis. And then topping it off, I am a college student again, so a lot of time that was previously devoted to reading and writing my reviews has been taken up with learning about Texas Government and Computing. So now that I'm finally on the up and up and everything is leveling out, I'm combining these reviews so that I can get back on track with this.

The Girl on the TrainbyPaula Hawkins
This was the book that got me out of my slump. I bought it on a whim after seeing a preview for the movie that comes out soon. My mom asked if I had read the book, and I hadn't, but I thought "what the hell!" It sat on my nightstand a few days, but then I bought the audiobook and started listening to it. Before I knew it, my love of bo…