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May Book Haul

So if April was my book slump month, May was my power read month! And unlike my usual habit of buying a million books only to read something else, this last month, I read a lot of books I bought right away.

My Amazon purchased included:

My HPB purchases included:

    And I had a gifted book!
    Of these books, I read these:

    And I read 5 other already owned books! And a lot of these books I purchased this month I plan on reading in June. I have already started (and finished) Me Before You and Persepolis, and Frankenstein and The Phantom Tollbooth are coming up next. The Last Star will be read once I re-read the first two books. I can't really make plan after that, because who knows!

    Also, in May we reached and quickly surpassed 1,000 page views! Thank you everyone for your loyal reading! I really appreciate it!


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