Book of the Month Club

For a long time I have wanted to signed up for Book of the Month Club. I see ads for it on my Instagram and Facebook; I frequent their website telling myself "one day I will sign up for it." Well, in May, that day came. I went to the website, looked at the plans, and submitted the application.

How it works is on the first of every month, they announce the months books, 5 books chosen by different judges every month. You pick which book you want; you can add up to 2 additional books for $9.99 each (a wonderful steal). Then, on the 6th of the month, it is mailed out to you.

So when June first arrived, I was so excited, I opened my laptop first thing to select my book. This months options were:

Although I knew which book I was going to pick instantly, I read through the synopsis of each of them. Enchanted Islands interested me, as did Before the Fall, but I chose Modern Lovers. I had already marked it as a book I wanted to read and was disappointed when it wasn't selected as the book of the month for another book club I am a part of.

Modern Lovers is about this group of friends that were in a band together when they were young. Now as adults, they all live in the same neighborhood and their kids are all friends as well, and as their kids enter dating age, the former band members relive their glory days and wonder what happened to the one of them who actually made it in the music world, only to come falling back down.

When my package arrived yesterday, it came with the book (a hardcover), a post card in the theme of the book, an adorable bookmark with a quote on it, and a letter from Morgan Jerkins. This is the most exciting thing in the world! I know it's nerdy, but I love it! Any time I receive a book in the mail, it's the best day ever, but the fact that it is so personal  makes everything so much more!


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