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Shattered Fate by Yelena Lugin

I feel so honored reading this book before it's released. As I had said a few days ago, I was in a major book slump. I would look at my bookshelf and feel sad because there was all of these amazing books sitting there and I didn't have the want to read any of them. So while telling this to Yelena, the amazing friend that she is, sent me a digital copy of Shattered Fate, the second book in the Aorra series. Needless to say, I jumped on it.

Thankfully, the book picks up right where Splintered Fate left off, which is Lana and Ardin lying in a pool of blood after a horrible fight against Garin, Kaiden's brother, which was definitely a cliffhanger, because although I knew Lana would live (you can't really kill off the main character), I had no clue if Ardin was alive, if Kaiden really had betrayed Lana, if Garin died, and although I have questioned Yelena over the month since reading the first one, she gave me nothing (well, she gave me a little bit of the first chapter, but that just made me want more).

So in this book, Lana builds her army against Arkhip Durkan with the help of her friends; she explores her feelings for Kaiden; and, she learns that she is more powerful than she ever imagined, and not just with the power that flows through the lands, but in a way that inspires people to follow her.

We learn some juicy information about Arkhip from the humans on Ucu (yeah, the humans from the end of book one that left you with your mouth hanging open). Pretty much, it's the worst case scenario. We also follow Lana on an emotional trip with Ardin that will leave you needing to hug your animals for an hour promising that you will never let anything bad happen to them. Lana and Kaiden have some serious issues; they could benefit from talking to someone, since they have a hard time talking to each other. But once they work past their issues...well, it's just plain adorable! Kirill is keeping a secret that isn't divulged until the last pages of the book and will leave you on the edge of your seat, hugging your knees to your chest while telling yourself everything will be okay.

The book flows naturally, as if you are watching everything played out in front of you. You feel everything the characters do: their joy, love, hatred, pain; it becomes a part of you. I am so glad that this series has been written into existence because there is nothing else out there like this.

I will write a more detailed review after the book has been released, but until then, you can read my review of Splintered Fate here, or even better, you can buy your own copy here; it is available in paperback and Kindle. You won't regret reading it, just make sure you have some tissues with you and get ready to feel all the feels!

Rating: 10/10
Pages: 371 (digital copy)
Number of Books in Series: 2 as of date.
Genre(s): Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic
Should You Read This?: Yes!! Everyone should read it!


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