In the Crossfire by Yelena Lugin

I'm going to start off by saying I love being a beta reader. It is so exciting reading something that hasn't been released to the public yet. Especially when the book is as amazing as In the Crossfire by Yelena Lugin. I promise, I am being totally biased about this, and all of her books. I don't allow the fact that she is my friend cloud my judgement in reading her books, they really just are that good. They are a gift to human kind; they are not books that are replications of others currently out there, they are completely original and well written.

In the Crossfire is a totally different book than the Aorra series. Crossfire deals with Seraphs and Hellions and how humans are caught in between. In the world of Crossfire, Seraphs and Hellions came to Earth about 40 years before the book takes place. The Hellions needed a world that they could devour, and the Seraphs needed to "protect" the humans; but our definition of protection and their definition of protection are two totally different things. In the eyes of the humans, there are no good guys; even other humans can't be trusted.

Sky is our main character, and ever since the death of her mother, an angel, Sky has been roaming the Earth with her two best friends, Kat and Alec, trying to stay alive, killing Hellions and Seraphs alike. Sky is a halfling, but she keeps her angel side hidden for her safety. When the group is captured by the Seraphs, they are forced to join sides with them, and Sky learns that what she's always thought about the Seraphs isn't so black and white.

The Seraphs are an interesting breed. They all claim to play by this set of angel rules, but as Sky learns, nothing is set in stone and things change quickly. Nathaniel is our hunky "good" angel (I use quotations because I'm keeping him at arms length until I know more about him) and despite everything he knows is wrong, part of him is falling for Sky. Barakiel is wonderful for comic relief, and I think I have a bigger crush on him than I do on Nathaniel. Samael in the beginning doesn't seem like he's super important, but keep a close eye on him. And Queen Isda is a very interesting character. Her actions towards Sky seem genuine, but just as with Nathaniel, I'll keeping her at arms length. With Seraphs, you never know who is on your side.

A lot happens in the book to build up to what will happen in future books.

Honestly, my favorite part of the book is the love story part of it. I've been needing a good love story and I've been too scared to read Me Before You because I'm not ready to cry my eyes out, so this provided a wonderful romance, or at least the beginning of one, and I'm excited to see what happens next between the characters.

This book has an expected release date of August 2016, so until then, you can read Splintered Fate and learn about the Madonians and Rami.

Rating: 10/10
Pages: 333 (digital copy)
Number of Books in Series: Unknown
Genre(s): Young Adult, Dystopian, Romance
Recommended?: Yes! I expect everyone of you to buy this book!


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