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A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter

I'm not gonna lie, I was disappointed when I learned that the book was told from Frosty and Milla's point of view. It really got my hopes up since the letter in the beginning was from Ali. But I knew that Frosty was going to be a depressed asshole, and despite Milla's betrayal, she didn't play a big enough role for me to care what was going on with her. So kudos to Gena Showalter for making me fall in love with characters I couldn't care less about! A Mad Zombie Party definitely holds its own with the other books and it was a wonderful finish, although there is totally an opening for another book and if Gena wants to continue the series, I back her 100%!

More Than One Exit Door
It's been a little bit since Kat's tragic death and Frosty isn't handling it well. He spends his evenings drinking and then seducing the girl who looks the most like Kat, and bails when the deed is done. Milla has spent the time hunting zombies on her own because that's all sh…

Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

Ugh, I don't know how much longer I can stand the emotional turmoil! I think this one is the worst! But of course, the book is still magnificent, even though Gena Showalter had my heart in a vice grip until the last page. From the beginning, there is nothing but action, which was a nice change of pace from the last one; way less couple drama. Seriously, y'all need to read this series. You'll thank me later.

What a Tangled Web We Weave
So, it's a month after the events of Zombie Glass and everything has returned to normal. Ali is finishing up a night of protecting the town and decides to sneak over to Cole's because they have had absolutely zero alone time together. While things are getting hot and heavy, they hear gunfire right outside of Cole's house. Cole is shot in the chest, but the gunfire continues as Ali, Cole, and Mr. Holand try to make it to safety. Anima has attacked the homes of all of the slayers, leaving 3 dead, 2 MIA, and several others injured. Th…

Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter

The sequel to Alice in Zombieland had me a little frustrated, I'm not going to lie. The plot was really good...when it wasn't being drown out by the Ali-Cole drama. It felt a little New Moon-ish to me. And the sexual tension in this book, ugh, just shoot me now. But when you get past that, it really was a good book and I'm excited to see what happens next.

Falling Through the Zombie Hole
Through the Zombie Glass starts out with Ali recovering from Cole accidentally slashing through her, and despite Cole's attention, something is off with him. We meet two new Slayers, Gavin and Veronica, and their presence automatically causes issues between Ali and Cole, especially after Ali learns that Ronny is Cole's "favorite ex," or at least that's what she's dubbed herself.
"A muscle ticked in Cole's jaw. 'Veronica, meet Ali. Ali, Veronica. She's one of the slayers from Atlanta...' 'Veronica is another of Cole's exes,' Mackenzie p…

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

So I was 97% sure that I wasn't going to like this series, but I'm on an Alice kick after reading Heartless, so I figured it would quench my needs. Zombies aren't really my thing. The only other zombie series I read was The Walking Dead graphic novels, and I only read like the first 5 or 6 before moving on. Don't get me wrong, I love the show, and I love zombie movies, but book wise, it's never been my cup of tea. And then there was Alice in Zombieland and everything changed! I am proud to say that I was wrong. I was so wrong, that when I finished the first book, I didn't stop and write this review and then start the second one, I just plowed right through. But I made myself stop before I got too far into it and started confusing details. But this is probably gonna be quick, so I can go back to it because I'm already having separation anxiety.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Alice Bell is your average 16 year old girl. She has two parents and a little sister, Emma, …

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

So I have a lot of mixed feeling about this book. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and most of the themes were spot on. But one of the main characters, Alex, she just kinda scares me. And I feel like the ending doesn't do her justice. I wanted more for her, and I'm sad she didn't get it. There will be spoilers after this point, so read with caution.

A Little Background
The Female of the Species focuses around three alternating points of view: Alex, Peekay, and Jack. Alex is the sister of the dead girl, Anna. That is how everyone refers to her in the beginning of the book. Peekay is the Preachers Kid, P K, ya get it? The kids that thought one up didn't stretch their imaginations too far for that one. And Jack is the guy every guy wants to be, and the guy every girl wants to be with. He's the star of every sport, attractive, smart, funny, what have you. Although Peekay and Jack were already in a similar group of friends, Alex wasn't friends with any…

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer did it again! Heartless is brilliant! I love how Meyer re-imagines these worlds I grew up loving and end up loving all over again. I definitely had a book hangover when I finished The Lunar Chronicles, and I wish there was going to be more to Heartless, but I'll take what I can get!

A Brief Review
Heartless is the story of what happened before Alice fell through the rabbit hole. Lady Catherine Pinkerton, or Cath, is our leading lady who dreams of being a baker, but ends up in a courtship with the King, who is sort of a bumbling fool but loves the delicious treats Cath brings him. During the Black and White Ball, the kings new court joker, Jest, makes his debut appearance and awes the crowd and captures the attention of Cath. When Cath fears the King is about to announce their engagement, which she did not know of, Cath fleas the party and runs right into Jest. The chemistry between the two is electrifying. Cath leaves the ball feeling as if she if floating on air. How…

Wrecked by Maria Padian

Wow! Just wow! That is how I felt when I finished Wrecked. I felt wrecked. There was so much truth and accuracy in this book on rape culture; Maria Padian really hit the nail on the head. It was almost sickening reading about it and knowing that it is that correct. This book really needs to be on a high school reading list. I know it won't because of the subject matter, but that's a different story. This book is really incredible and I believe anyone about to go into college, anyone in college, anyone who just got out of college, anyone who parties hard a lot, or anyone who is a friend or family member of anyone who fits the aforementioned groups should read this book.

The book is told in alternating perspectives of Haley and Richard as they work through a campus investigation of two other students: Jenny and Jordan. Haley and Jenny are roommates; Richard and Jordan live in the same housing unit; Haley and Richard are just starting a relationship. Everything becomes compli…

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

I always have mixed feelings about Chamber of Secrets and I'm never certain why. I mean, it's good, a lot of stuff happens, but for me, it's always just kinda there. Like, you need it to advance to the next book, but that's about it.

That being said, it's still an awesome book and this is why:

Gilderoy Lockhart is a hoot! I think he could give Greek god Narcissus a run for his money in the vanity department. I mean, everything he says is so ridiculous, it's hard to think that people fell for all of his lies. The only thing better than a vain Gilderoy Lockhart is a Gilderoy Lockhart whose Obliviate curse just back fired on him and no longer knows his left hand from his right. The Death Day Party. If I was a ghost, I would definitely celebrate my death day! I love that they purposely rot food in hopes of being able to taste it. But Nearly Headless Nick needs to learn he is much too good for the Headless Hunt. I feel bad that they take away his glory at that party,…